Fuse Box and Consumer Unit Replacement

There are many reasons why you may need to change the fuse box in your home but mostly because they are now generally old and need to be updated. Such as old Wylex wooden backed boards with awkward wired fuses, these could also be a fire risk in some cases.


They also now need to be RCD (Residual Current Device) Protected, to conform to the current regulations which your old one most likely would not. 

 An RCD protects you from serious electrical shocks, especially in special locations such as your bathroom or using power outside.


Whatever your reason to upgrade our friendly and professional team of electricians would love to help. With prices from just £440 +vat, we have cost-effective options for complete peace of mind.


Meter tails and earth bonding can also be upgraded if needed.

Your new box will have easy to set trip switches which the electrician will talk you through so you know how to reset in the event of tripping issues.


Your premises will also need a mot, we do this by a test called an EICR to ensure your current wiring is in good condition, any issues will be brought to your attention, but please note any faults coded as c1 or c2 will have to be dealt with at the time of the installation as these type of faults are dangerous.


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