What is Infrared Heating?


Infrared heat is exactly the same sort of heat that is emitted by the sun. It is 100% safe and a very efficient form of heating that can be used in a variety of buildings and is less affected by draughts than more traditional heating systems.

A great example of infrared heating in action is standing outside on a winters day. The air temperature might be around 0c but if the sun is out, you will feel the warmth. If a cloud passes over, then it feels cold again; this is because the infrared rays have been blocked. 

Once you’ve used infrared heating panels for a while, you’ll wish you discovered them earlier. They are just so much better than old fashioned inefficient heating methods. Infrared heating panels make much more efficient use of the electricity they use, if you had old storage heaters, for example, you could save up to £200 per heater per year! The panels heat you, not the air. They are also maintenance free and should last over 20years.


Cold Conservatory?


Due to the amount of glass etc. in conservatories /orangeries they can be cold places in the winter, 

we have a solution for most rooms, such as flat prefinished ceiling heaters or bar heaters which look like a long speaker. So you can use all of your home all year round!


Can infrared heaters help with my health?

Yes. Infrared panels can help conditions such as asthma, by reducing dust circulation. And you are unlikely to get the dry eyes and chapped lips of conventional heating which tends to dry the air. Infrared heating can help sore muscles and stiff joints, and even hypertension, by helping to stimulate blood flow. They can also help eradicate black mold issues in wet rooms and bathrooms. The health benefits are not to be underestimated, and, did you know they can be installed as mirrors?


Custom Heater Prints

Custom Print' means we print a bespoke image, design or photo onto an infrared panel, fully disguising it as artwork.

From our pictures below, you can see some heater examples, the possibilities are endless. Family photos, Pet portraits, Weddings, Graduations etc. 


infrared heater panel servicebuddy
infrared heater panel servicebuddy
infrared heater panel servicebuddy
lounge ceiling heaters.jpg

We can calculate the size and design your heaters to suit your home or office.

ServiceBuddy electricians can install them safely and install them with timers or smart controls if required so you can control on your phone remotely.

Make a transfer to infrared heating today and feel free to call us on 07736 157996 to find out which money-saving heating panel solution is the best for your needs.

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