Thinking about installing an outside socket or a hot tub?

If you regularly use electrical equipment outdoors, such as a lawn mower,  hedge trimmer, or a car charging point an external power point will make life easier and safer. Importantly, it should feature a residual current device (RCD) that will help to protect you from the risk of fatal electric shock.

For hot tubs, there are several things you need to take into account first: some hot tubs will need a bigger cable and isolators due to the power consumption, other hot tubs could be plugged into a standard 13amp socket. All installs will normally be classed in electrical terms as being in a special location i.e. outdoors. The type of earthing, cable type required and circuit protection {rcd} needs assessing pre-install.

At ServiceBuddy we can survey your proposed installation and make sure it will be safe for your continued enjoyment.

Have a relaxing time knowing you will be safe and anyone else whom you invite to enjoy your new Tub. 


Any circuit taken outside will be in a special location and as such needs to be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations as required by the law, you must consult a Part P Approved electrician who is registered with an approved body who can demonstrate their competence such as ServiceBuddy.

All notifications to your local authority will be done by us on your behalf, we can also check DIY installations and sign them off if you have installed them correctly as we are certified for third-party work.




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