Landlord Electrical Safety Checks, Certificates & Home Buyer Reports

 While it is not yet a legal requirement to have a Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate (or EICR), it comes down to a case of if anything happens, proving that you have done everything ‘reasonably practicable’ (as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1971) to ensure that risks are lowered for tenants, occupiers, etc. In addition, many Estate Agents, Solicitors, and Insurance Companies insist on this being done. As a Landlord, you know that safety is important, and also you have peace of mind that you are covered, should any issues arise.

ServiceBuddy does a very detailed Electrical Safety Check to find all faults possible so that you can sleep safely at night. The Electrical Inspection Report takes an average of 2-3 hours to do correctly (so beware if yours was done in an hour!), and covers the following aspects (amongst others):
⦁    Condition of the wiring of all circuits (including that which cannot be seen!)
⦁    Condition of the insulation of all circuits (to ensure it is not deteriorating to an unacceptable level)
⦁    Ensure that ring mains circuits are wired correctly (this is usually not when this has been DIY’ed!)
⦁    Earthing and Bonding of Gas and Water supplies are adequate and terminated at the correct place
⦁    There are no signs of overheating (i.e. fire hazards)
⦁    No overloading or incorrect use of accessories
⦁    Correct accessories for the environment it is installed in
⦁    Correct protection
⦁    Use of RCDs and the sensitivity level of these (they deteriorate over time so should be checked)

⦁    Smoke alarm check and test.
⦁    Many other checks to ensure compliance with the Electrical Wiring Regulations BS7671

ALL our Landlord Electrical Condition Reports (EICR) certificates are issued the same day.