Thermal Imaging for Electrical Testing Helps You Detect, Troubleshoot and Fix Problems to Prevent Costly Shutdowns and Outages


Electrical equipment tends to heat up before it fails, hiding from sight until a problem becomes “self-evident”. Fortunately, thermal imaging cameras instantly make those hot spots clearly visible so you can catch them in time to investigate further, plan repairs, and get things fixed before they turn critical. Scan electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear with a thermal imager and get an instant picture of impending trouble that you likely would miss otherwise.

Reliable, Non-Contact




Along with showing you where heat issues have developed, infrared cameras provide a more accurate way to measure the temperature of energized components without having to touch and probe them, so you can maintain a safe working distance. It offers on-screen spot meter and area box diagnostic tools to help quickly quantify the problems you see in the image so you know when equipment has exceeded its temperature limit and needs to be taken offline for replacement or repair.