Wi-Fi House Alarms Controlled By Your Phone - Installed and Tested

How many people actually get out of bed or goes outside and investigates when a neighbors alarm activates? You may be lucky and have a good neighbor who checks your property, but unfortunately, not everyone knows their neighbors!


Servicebuddy can install wifi alarms which can be controlled by your phone or tablet. These systems will inform you when the alarm goes off, some systems will even take a picture of what sets the alarm off as some PIR's have a camera installed. Taking these alarms systems even further the installation can support a wide range of security and safety accessories including elderly care and detectors against smoke, flood, and poisonous gases.


The simple and quick wireless installation and remote programming of the system add further to its appeal as a powerful, convenient alarm that allows homeowners to enjoy a complete sense of control as well as peace of mind.


The alarms are also pet-friendly so you have a lot less false alarms. 


We install standard wired alarms but we find the wireless versions are more practical as extra devices can be added in minutes.


Prices start from £250 for basic systems, going up to £500+ for all singing and dancing systems.

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